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Opportunities with Grandpride

Grandpride is fueled by unwavering passion, driven by visionary designs, and accelerated by advanced engineering. Find your dream career with us to discover possibilities without limits.


Experience Grandpride. From exotic car rental and chauffeur to detailing and modification services, bringing our iconic services into the world requires a dedicated team of hard-working, responsible, and creative individuals — each of whom helps shape the chapters in Grandpride’ story. Whether you are starting your career through one of our graduate programmes, internships or apprenticeships, or are an experienced professional looking for an exciting new path, we offer a wide range of career opportunities for people ready to make their mark.

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As a world-class marque, we require the expertise of experienced engineers and bespoke designers, as well as professionals in Finance, Sales and Marketing, IT, Human Resources, Communications, and more. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, or kick-start a new career path altogether, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars supports your ambitions, invests in your learning through educational schemes, and rewards your commitment to helping us inspire greatness. Read more about our benefits and working culture.

Our employees are connected by common threads; they are innovative, passionate, and have a sharp eye for detail. They also exhibit excellent communication and teamwork skills, and face challenges head-on with efficient problem-solving and critical thinking.

Our innovation, however, does not rely on experience alone. New ideas and new drive powers Rolls-Royce’s ingenuity, which is why we’re committed to nurturing passionate individuals through our entry level programmes and schemes.


Are you a second-year university student ready to take on real-world experience during your third-year placement? Our paid internships immerse you in the working culture and processes at Goodwood from the ground up, as well as providing you with training and mentorship from industry-leading professionals. The areas you can gain experience in may include Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, IT, Finance, and Communications.

Lasting 13 months, our internships are a wonderful way to widen your career prospects and take charge of your personal development. From day one, you will enjoy hands-on involvement in a number of projects, gaining invaluable insight into the workings of the company whilst pushing the boundaries of your potential.

Just like all Rolls-Royce employees, interns will enjoy an array of benefits — including a competitive salary and 27 days’ holiday — and will receive ongoing support and networking opportunities. Read more about the benefits and working culture awaiting you when you join us at Goodwood.

The application window opens 1 October and closes 30 November or sooner if we receive a high level of applications. If you want to learn more, sign up for regular email updates to receive information on the internships available at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

Opportunities with Grandpride

Grandpride is fueled by unwavering passion, driven by visionary designs, and accelerated by advanced engineering. Find your dream career with us to discover possibilities without limits.

No Hassle.

No more wasting time running around for renewing insurance, road tax or even servicing maintenance, because our team will get it done

and deliver to you. You just pay for your gas.



No Worries.

In Grandpride Subscription, every car is covered, so you don't need to get insurance. We‘ve also installed an anti-theft system, so you‘re protected.


No Mechanics.

Never visit a mechanic‘s workshop again! Although breakdown likely won't happen because we maintain our cars. But if it does, you simply swap your ride for a new one. The rest, Pick-ups and deliveries, our concierge has it handled.


No Commitments.

Don‘t be tied down by debt. By the time you‘ve paid off the financing, you are left with a heavily depreciated car that you need to sell. Enjoy the flexibility with a subscription.


Commitments Free

Grandpride Subscription is a flexible vehicle-use agreement that let you get a car without buying or leasing it. We own the car. You pay monthly and drive it within contract period as you like, then return it back or swap vehicle when you’re done.


Flexible Mileage Option.

Just like your cell phone plan, you choose your subscription with a monthly mileage package according to your needs. A small per-mile fee applies if you drive over your plan.

Flexible Subscription Period.

We want your financing to fit your lifestyle. That's why, we offer terms from 12 to 36 months. This allows you to customize your price plan according to your personal needs.

Swap Car Anytime.

Call to reserve a different vehicle when your needs change, without any hassle. We'll even pick you up or deliver.* You may swap your vehicle to a similar vehicle.


Peace Of Mind

As we Grandpride own and register the vehicles, they are classified as used cars. But most of our vehicles have not had previous owners and only best cars that have been A+ rated by an independent inspection service, can make it to Grandpride Certified Subscription fleet. You can subscribe with confidence. Should you not be satisfied with your car within the first 3 days or 150km, we‘ll take it back and help you find the perfect match.

Loan-free access to
Your Dream Car

You’re not buying a car, so you’re not borrowing money. And no loan means you’re not locked into years of interest payments. Skip the long-term commitments of traditional hire purchase loan or lease. Subscription is a new way to drive a car without owning it, and without its owning you.

Why a

This is a radically new way to get your next vehicle.

You’re NOT buying a car, which makes everything easier. You don’t need to hassle with negotiation, roadtax, or insurance, or worry about the small stuff, like routine maintenance.

We are NOT lending you money, which makes the process fast and simple. You can even pay for your subscription entirely with your credit card.



Choose your vehicle and make your reservation in minutes, right from your phone or PC. Once approved for a car subscription, our Grandpride representative will contact you within 48 hours. 


Submit your desiredvehicle

We have great variety of vehicles you can view online. Choose your vehicle & options and fill up the form.


Sales Representative will contact you

Once you're approved, we'll contact you for further details and confirmation on the date of previewing the vehicle.


Schedule a time to view & pickup vehicle

Choose a fengshui time to drop by our HQ to view your desired vehicle. Lastly provide some personal info & make payment and proceed to pickup.


Make the payment & enjoy your ride

Once the payment has been made and document is signed, you're good to go. You may call to reserve a different vehicle when your needs change.